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מדיניות התוכן של משתמש הקצה
This policy applies to content made available by third parties through the Toolbar platform.
תוכן המוצע באמצעות פלטפורמת סרגל הכלים
Using the Toolbar platform, online publishers and third parties can create apps, gadgets, features, links and/or buttons (the “Apps”).
Publishers or third parties who use the Toolbar platform can offer you their Apps directly by promoting them on their Toolbars and websites. They can also share their Apps in the AppStream marketplace, where you can choose the Apps you want.
מידע של משתמש הקצה
Some of the Apps that are shared by third parties on the Toolbar platform may include advanced features that may monitor your activities on the web and/or require you to allow publishers or other third parties to access, collect and/or use your information, or provide information about pages you visit online. For example, Apps may offer to log you in to your social network account, provide coupons that are relevant to the web page you are visiting, and enhance web pages you visit.
In the event that an App requires use of your information, you will be presented with a notice (before you use the App) detailing the information that may be monitored and/or collected, and you will be able to choose whether to share your information or decline use of the App.

As an end user, you have the right to protect your information while browsing the web or using other devices. We encourage you to review the terms of service and privacy policies of the Apps that you install and use them only after you have read and accepted their terms. While we do require third parties on our platform to clearly inform you of what information they identify, use and collect about you and why, we do not have control over the actions and activities of these third parties.
If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy, please contact us.
Last updated: March 24, 2014